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Our Mission

Find the best and brightest talent in A.I. & Hi-Tech

AI Careers® (AiCareers.com) is the premier solution for recruiting computer programmers, engineers, scientists and researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and related hi-tech fields. Our mission is to help employers of all sizes, whether a Fortune 500 company or a startup, recruit the most exceptional talent.

Our Network

Connect a large number of potentially qualified candidates

Through our career network, employers can reach a large number of qualified candidates. AiCareers.com is part of AmeriCareers.com's STEM Network which includes:

  • AICareers.com: Help recruit computer programmers, engineers, scientists and researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and related hi-tech fields.
  • STEMCareers.com: Promote STEM careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We strive to provide the solution for employers and qualified candidates to find the good match.
  • ScienceJobs.org: The premier solution for recruiting science faculty and research scientists worldwide. It advertises all science related positions in academia, government or industry.

Our Commitment for Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment

Reach women and minority groups

In current workforce, women and minorities are often underrepresented in AI and hi-tech industries. AICareers.com is committed to helping employers to reach qualified women and minority candidates through our diversity and inclusion recruitment channels, including:

  • DiversityWork.com: Help organizations recruit employees from a diverse talent pool and create an inclusive work environment.
  • MinorityCareers.com – Advocates diversity and inclusion in workplace, and strives to help minority candidates to find suitable jobs and advance their careers.
  • AcademicWomen.com – Offers a platform with career opportunities for women in academia and women interested in pursuing careers in academia.
  • WomenInScience.com: A source for women in science to connect, share and encourage one another in their scientific careers. Help women and girls to seek careers in science.

Our Services

Effective Solution for AI Recruitment

AiCareers.com provides a comprehensive platform and tools for employers to recruit AI scientists, researchers, engineers, and other professionals related to AI. Employers can advertise their job openings and manage applications through our website. Meanwhile, job seekers can apply for jobs, save their profile, and track their application progress using our platform.