ChatGPT / GPT-4 System Prompt Engineering - Ultimate Guide

What is ChatGPT-4 System Prompt Engineering? - Ultimate Guide

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Discover how to optimize your AI experience by understanding System Roles in GPT-4 / ChatGPT! In this video, we'll guide you through the key components that shape your AI's behavior, from giving it a name and persona, to assigning roles, providing context, and defining tasks. Learn how these elements come together to improve user satisfaction, increase control over responses, and unlock new applications.

Watch now and start harnessing the full power of GPT-4 / ChatGPT for your business and creative needs!

00:00 GPT-4 / ChatGPT AI System Prompt Engineering
00:21 What is a ChatGPT System Role?
01:36 Why use System Roles?
03:17 ChatGPT System Role Name / Persona
08:02 ChatGPT System Roleplay
12:19 ChatGPT System Context
16:50 ChatGPT System Task / Objectives
20:50 ChatGPT System Role Examples
25:13 ChatGPT System Role Conclusion

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